Morrie Miller Youth Tackle Football League

The purpose of the MMYTFL is to foster a passion and understanding of the game of football in young men and women in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. Instruction includes basic skills set, discipline, sportsmanship and fair play, and the importance of being a contributing member in a team sport.

2013 MMYTFL Champions, Blue Barracudas 9-0

One-on-one instruction is provided as well as team concepts as they relate to the game of football. The program is committed to developing members at all grade levels . The ultimate goal is to develop skill sets with an understanding that these individuals may progress and develop into a different position in the future (an offensive center today may be a wide receiver in a varsity program as a high school athlete). The coaching staff is committed to developing each and every player in the hopes that they will become significant, contributing members of area varsity teams.

Brief History

Core Ideals

  1. Basic Skill Set -- Each participant will receive instruction in the basic concepts of the game of football at their respective position for both offense and defense.
  2. Developing Skills -- Throughout the season skills will be introduced in stages based on individual progression. Individuals learn and retain instruction at different rates and new skills will be taught accordingly.
  3. Sportsmanship -- Coaches will instruct players on fair play and the importance of sportsmanship. This league is not about winning at all costs. One of the program goals is to encourage participants to continue with football beyond the Morrie Miller league.
  4. Team-building -- Coaches will work with players to help them understand the importance of accountability and how it relates to the team concept. Successful teams within the league work as one unit. They rely on each other. They learn from their collective mistakes to become better players. Each player will be responsible for their particular portion of their team. They will be counted on by others.
  5. Success -- In the Morrie Miller Youth Tackle Football League success is measured not by wins and losses or how you do in the playoffs, but rather by the growth of both individuals and the team. A great year for both players and coaches may be a 0.500 season where the team became more cohesive and productive as a unit and saw improvement each and every week.
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Stephen Kosidowski
League Director

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